UTSC began as Scarborough College half a century ago. In 1964 the College opened its doors to 191 students and today students number over 12,000.  In the 1960s the campus stood in open fields with no access to public transit.  Today Scarborough is a cosmopolitan urban centre of over 600,000 residents and the UTSC community a reflection of that rapidly changing community.

As an oral history project that intentionally blurs the boundaries and connects different scholarly traditions, Stories of UTSC: 1964-2014 is concerned with questions of memory, identity, and politics, as they relate to the place we call UTSC.

The students, faculty, staff, and alumni who told their stories, shared with us powerful insights into questions of culture, race, and identity, and reflected on changes in student, academic, and campus life more generally over the decades. They told stories about, changing gender dynamics, transformations of the campus, stories of personal growth, and UTSC’s changing role in the wider Scarborough community.

This is just the beginning...