Stories of UTSC 1964-2014 project was funded by the UTSC 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund. It is a joint collaboration of faculty members in the Departments of Human Geography, Historical and Cultural Studies, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

The Stories of UTSC exhibits, both physical and digital, launched on Thursday, February 25, 2016. The physical exhibit was open to the public from February 25- March 31, 2016.  Hundreds of people from the campus and community visited it. The digital online exhibit continues to be available.

Within the first weeks of the launch, the digital online exhibit attracted over 1600 individual visitors. Over the next five weeks, there were a total of 2,383 visits to the online exhibit for a grand total of 34,352 page views. Roughly 90% of the traffic was Canadian, and about 6% from the United States. The top five stories accessed overall were Adrian De Leon, Nasir Alhuttam, Roxanne Ma, Diane Hill, and Tom Robles. A total of 723 visits were referred from Facebook shares alone.

The digital exhibit was also available via the kiosk computer in the meeting place which received a total of 2,242 page views over the duration of the installation. Of these, 25.65% were for the front page; 4.95% were for the Tell Your Story page; 4.77% for the project info page (Scarborough Oral History Project); and, 3.84% for the About the Exhibit page. The remainder of the visits represented views of the various stories, with the top three stories accessed from the kiosk being Nasir Alhuttam, Will Kwan, and Michelle Stinson.


The launch event featured a Keynote presentation on oral history and heritage by Michael Frisch, Professor of History & American Studies / Senior Research Scholar at the University at Buffalo, SUNY


The project subsequently received media coverage:

Inside Toronto – Scarborough Oral History Project launched by UTSC

The Scarborough Oral History Project hears stories about UTSC – and the neighbourhood

Spring 2016 UTSC Commons – TELLING THE STORIES OF UTSC, and also featured as an full colour, multi-page Insert reaching a distribution of 33,000+

And even a community art mock appearance of Drake in the @UofTDrizzy instagram channel