“40 years ago, I was what was called a back-to-the-lander, I was living in the Ottawa Valley with my brother and some other friends. We had bought 100 acres and we were living off the land, meaning we were growing our own food, building our own building, log buildings, without electricity, without running water, and all of that.”

Brian Hamlin has been keeping bees for over four decades. After having spent much of his life outside the big city, Brian decided to bring bees to the city, where he specializes in urban beekeping. He is UTSC's beekeeper of the Honeybee Project which began in 2010. Brian sells the honey at the UTSC Farmers' Market.


40 years ago, I was a back-to-the lander


I started bringing hives into the urban environment


You become attuned to what’s happening in nature

Interview Participant: Brian Hamlin

Interviewer: Nathan Walter

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: June 3, 2015

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