“Scarborough College in those days was basically a large high school. ...You could get everyone in one building. ...It was a whole of cross-disciplinary friendships that were happening.”

Chris Ambidge attended high school in Scarborough in the 1960s and studied at Scarborough College (now UTSC). He taught at the campus from 1981-1987. He is currently an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry on the St. George campus. Chris talks about his memories of UTSC in the early years and how attitudes have changed generally toward gay men.


You could get everywhere in one building


There were more cross-disciplinary friendships


That was called an ATL Card, Admit to Lecture


The university wouldn't exist without undergraduate students


I got nasty comments at the time

Interview Participant: Chris Ambidge

Interviewer: Stephanie Hinds

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: June 5, 2015

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