“In those days, television was the big thing. The initial concept of the University was that there would be lectures given on video and distributed through the various pods from a central location, the Scarborough College TV studio.”

Doug Cockell is an early alumni from the second year of Scarborough College. He graduated from Winston Churchill Collegiate and, along with numerous friends, gravitated towards the new university campus. In the interview, Doug shares a story of learning and personal development. He had a deep passion to study English. Because Scarborough College offered only a general Bachelor of Arts degree, Doug was effectively able to design his own program.


In those days, television was the big thing


One of my professors was Margaret Avison


The really was only one hallway


There were the spires of Scarborough College

Interview Participant: Doug Cockell

Interviewer: Ahmed Allahwala & Adon Irani

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: November 30, 2015

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