“I was always very passionate about the things that we have gained through the sacrifices of those that went ahead of us and recognizing that the world would be a completely different place had things gone in different direction in World War I and World War II. War in general, I abhor it. As a young person, I would look at an individual and think they would become a doctor, they would become a tradesman, everybody has all this great potential and then war the just wipes it off, deprives the world of such greatness.”

Lenard Whiting teaches music and conducts the Concert Choir at UTSC. Originally from Kenora, Ontario, Lenard studied at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, the University of Toronto, and the Canadian Opera Company. He performs as a singer in Canada, the US and Europe. In the interview, Lenard talks about his work with the Concert Choir and reflects on some of his most meaningful experiences in the UTSC community.


War deprives the world of such greatness

Interview Participant: Lenard Whiting

Interviewer: Nathan Walter

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: June 11, 2015

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