“A lot of people hate French or hated French in high school and they look at us and they're like... 'Oh, I did French until grade 10 but I hated it after that so I dropped it. That's cool that you do French.' And that's the end of the conversation. That's it. They don't see it as a cultural opportunity.”

Louisa Julius is in her third year of the Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) completing a Specialist program in French and a Minor in English. Louisa is active on campus and currently the President of the French Department Student Association. In the interview Louisa talks about the importance of student involvement on campus, as well as questions of diversity and identity.


They don't see French as a cultural opportunity


I definitely don't feel like a minority


The value of money, of a hard earned dollar, is made known at home

Interview Participant: Louisa Julius

Interviewer: Shvani Desai

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: June 1, 2015

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