“[Brown is] also what students taught me to call myself, I used to break it down all the time call myself south east Asian, I’d call myself east Indian, I’d call myself southeast Indian and then I had student clients tell me 'you can just call yourself brown.'”

Marie Mathai is a Community Safety Case Worker here at UTSC and commutes to her job from her home in the western end of the GTA. She recalls that when she first started working at UTSC, people from other UofT campuses shared their perceptions of UTSC as an unsafe place. As a woman and person of colour, Marie shares her perspectives on gender, race and the myths and realities surrounding issues of campus safety at UTSC.


I knew of [Scarborough] only from media and the papers


I don’t think this campus is unsafe, the world as a whole is a little unsafer


My husband is white and he never thinks about his safety

Interview Participant: Marie Mathai

Interviewer: Marsaydees Ferrell

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: June 1, 2015

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