“There were so few of us and so much space, which was really beneficial to us. There were lots of spaces to study, lots of places to meet, the cafeteria was never busy, the professors had small classes, and therefore we got better attention. It was a real benefit for me to come here.”

Originally from England, Maureen Somerville is among the first generation of Scarborough College graduates and the first in her family to go to university. In fact, Maureen started her degree at the University before the campus had even officially opened. She became a teacher after graduation and since the early 1990s, has been actively involved in the governance of UTSC. In the interview, Maureen shares her memories of Scarborough College in the 1960s and how the campus has evolved over the decades.


The first impression is WOW! There was so much space


The professor has the class in his office because there were so few of us


I began to realize that this place is a really important place

Interview Participant: Maureen Somerville

Interviewer: Ahmed Allahwala & Adon Irani

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: December 1, 2015

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