“I have been on campus for fifteen years, and I have seen the campus grow. It was only B-wing, H-wing, and S-wing at the time, and since then they’ve built on all the extra buildings and that. …I started in the year 2000. …The campus has grown quite a bit, there’s at least 10,000 more students, probably more than that in the last 15 years.”

Robin Crich has been an employee of UTSC for over 15 years and is currently a full time member of the custodial staff.  Robin shares her perspective on the challenge of balancing full-time work, parenthood and a desire to further her education.  


Everybody tries to get along as best as they can


We end up very very tired by the end of our day

Interview Participant: Robin Crich

Interviewer: Nathaniel Tesfay

Location: UTSC campus

Date of Interview: June 1, 2015

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