“I think in terms of identity I'd always dullened any differences ... because I guess I grew up in a community where I felt like the more different you were, the more disadvantaged you were. And, of course ... that is super problematic and there's so much internalized ... power and hierarchy within that kind of thinking.”

Roxanne Ma graduated from UTSC in 2015 with a BA in International Development Studies. Born and raised in Ottawa by parents from Hong Kong, she reflects on her experience coming to UTSC and her five years as a student leader on campus. She highlights her involvement with the Women and Trans* Centre and eight-month co-op placement in Malawi, and describes how those experiences helped her unpack and shape her personal identity politics.


There is so much internalized power and hierarchy in this kind of thinking


That's when I discovered how passionate I can be


It's all part of the beauty

Interview Participant: Roxanne Ma

Interviewer: Sahra Togone

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: June 9, 2015

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