“You wouldn’t be seen dead in jeans. No one wore jeans in those days. […] In fact, when I graduated, the women students wore skirts, that was before pants suits…..Sometimes we would put pants [underneath the skirts], because it was so cold. As soon as we got to school, we took the pants off, because you couldn’t wear pants at school.”

Stephanie Geddes' connection to UTSC goes back to the 1960s. An English Major, she and her husband Bruce graduated from Scarborough College in 1968. She went on to become a teacher and elementary school principal in Scarborough. Stephanie shares her story of arriving at Scarborough College in the winter of 1966 and reflects on the many changes since the 1960s.


There was nothing. It was just stark. You’d walk across the Meeting Place and it would echo


You wouldn’t be seen dead in jeans


You could not go into that room without being prepared


During the day, women weren’t allowed in there

Interview Participant: Stephanie Geddes

Interviewer: Ahmed Allahwala & Adon Irani

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: October 5, 2015

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