“I’ve learned to, sort of, go with my gut instincts about certain experiences. And I try to make them teachable moments for myself. And so I’m learning all the time. ...But then that’s also because I think I’m an insanely curious person and I think a good teacher is a curious, a generally curious person.”

Originally from the Philippines, Tom Robles moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba at the age of eight. As a self-described life-long learner, Tom attended the University of Winnipeg where he specialized in Humanities and Social Sciences in pursuit of a career in Education. Upon graduation he spent three years in Japan teaching English and gaining experience as a teacher. Tom is currently a writing instructor with UTSC's Writing Centre.


We focus on the content, the ideas students have


The kind of skills that I've been able to develop


I'm learning all the time

Interview Participant: Tom Robles

Interviewer: Momtha Sivapathasundram

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: June 8, 2015

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