“The space was really grungy and grimy in the way that really good studio spaces, workspaces are. ...It had all those traces of all the students who had used it before.”

Will Kwan moved from Hong Kong to Scarborough as a small child. He studied visual art at UTSC, graduating with a BA in 2002. An accomplished artist, Will is now an Associate Professor in the Department of Arts, Culture, Media where he has been teaching for the past eight years and is a graduate faculty member in the Master of Visual Studies Program, Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design, St. George campus. He shares how the studio courses he took as a student changed his life.


You study things that are practical


It was just this incredible space


I'll never see the bookstore as the bookstore


First and foremost I'm an artist

Interview Participant: Will Kwan

Interviewer: Scott Tsang

Location: UTSC campus

Photographer: Ken Jones

Date of Interview: June 18, 2015

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